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Hollyberry Hollow

Who are we?

We are Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) registered standard poodle breeders who own a small family farm located near Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Our family has been involved with dogs, farming and breeding for over 20 years.

As a person with a disability (cerebral palsy) Jesse launched Hollyberry Hollow with a vision to provide prospective puppy owners with outstanding, therapy-grade standard poodle puppies. We specialize in purebred, registered CKC poodles.


Our goals include: engaging in respectful, kind and informative communications; raising our dogs with purpose and intention;  honouring the lives and needs of all our pets; and providing dog owners with healthy and loving pets that will enrich their lives.


So what does that mean?  We decided to join the "Badass Breeder" community and took the following oath:


Badass Breeder Oath

  1. Plan litters - have a goal/focus/mission

  2. Breed from only healthy, good tempered parents that have been health tested. Choose breeding pairs that accentuate each other in health and temperament.

  3. Honor and respect your dam - before and after whelping - keep her happy and healthy. The same for your sires (vet care, high quality food, living quarters, etc…).

  4. Ensure all puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.

  5. Guide, shape and mold puppies based upon critical periods, constantly evaluating and adjusting. Work on confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.

  6. Evaluate puppies and provide information to buyers. Have the puppies seen by a vet and then and only then let clients choose their puppy that is healthy and best suits their needs, as well as the puppy’s needs.

  7. Take 100% responsibility for every puppy you produce for the entirety of their life

  8. 2 year contract - most genetic issues are not seen in one year, so be fair.

  9. Educate your new clients. Keep in touch with them and create a community.

  10. Love your dogs, love your puppies, love your clients and be on a mission to change breeding from bad to badass.


Our dogs are part of our family and live an active farm-based lifestyle.  Poodles may appear froofy on the outside but don't let that fool you!  Our dogs are from sporting lines and can keep up with the best of them.  

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The many looks of Ted the poodle


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