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Why should i buy one of your puppies?

We are committed to providing families with the best pet we possibly can.  Our puppies are raised with intention and everything we do as a breeder is to ensure the best quality of life possible.  This isn't a hobby for us, this is part of our life.  Every bit was carefully planned, from the selection of parents, the care they receive (like daily massages for mum!), the curriculum we use and the guarantee we offer. 

We also send every puppy home with a lifetime training membership to support you and your puppy in adjustment and training - this includes online modules, one-on-one training sessions, calls on demand, and more1

Please contact us directly and we'll be happy to share the details!  We think you'll be amazed by what we have to offer!

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What is included when I buy a puppy from you?

So much!  In addition to a lifetime of love and snuggles, your puppy will come with:

a two-year health guarantee, a lifetime of breeder support, a lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella online puppy school, a voucher to go toward their spay and neuter, a crate, a puppy pack, 30 days of pet insurance from Trupanion, first vaccines and a health certificate, CKC registration, a full printed evaluation, a birth certificate and more. 

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Aren't purebreds inbred / don't they all have problems?

All our dogs are genetically tested to ensure they are not inbred and do not carry any inheritable diseases.  We've also had them health-tested by veterinarians to physically test them by x-ray for issues like hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia.  Not only that, but as registered dogs they have pedigrees so you can see exactly who their relatives are. 

On top of that, all our dogs were imported from other areas to further ensure genetic diversity.  We'd be happy to share their pedigrees with you if you like!

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What makes your poodles so unique?

Our dogs are raised with intention, love, respect and heart.  As a member of the Badass Breeder family, we are committed to taking breeding from BAD to BADASS!   

We've carefully selected our dogs for their health, temperament, personalities and beauty.  We do not breed dogs with known health or behaviour issues, nor will we breed dogs with food allergies, aggression, anxiety or shyness.

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Will you ship a puppy to me?

Yes, we are willing to allow our pups to be shipped within Canada, and will consider outside of Canada on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us to discuss options!

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Will you be removing puppies dewclaws and docking tails?

No, we will not be removing any parts of our dogs' bodies for cosmetic purposes.

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How much are your puppies?

Our next litter of puppies will be  priced at $3500 each on a spay or neuter contract (no breeding rights).  Contact us for interest in breeding rights - we are open to certain, select breeders.

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Do you have any available puppies? When will I know you have an available litter?

We have two puppies available from our Songs of Spring litter.  After this litter we will be taking a pause in our breeding program, so this will be our last litter for some time.

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I haven't heard back from you yet - what's going on??

There's a glitch on this site where we aren't notified after you send in your application.  We're not ignoring you -= promise!  Please email us after you complete the Client Interest Form and we'll respond as soon as possible :)

Stacked Wooden Logs


Wow, your dogs are more expensive than I expected!  Why?????

You know, we're actually glad you asked!  There are lots of reasons and they're primarily linked to everything we are offering. 

First, acquiring, testing and maintaining quality, health-tested foundation dogs costs A LOT!   Second, we are not BYBs; we invest thousands in each litter.  Between the supplements, health care costs, the training programs and extras we include, the continuing education Jesse attends, the labour costs  we incur... well I'm sure you're getting the picture :).

On top of that, please consider how getting a dog without testing, without a guarantee, without a  known background, without a solid foundation, can cost far more in the long run.

Your investment in one of our puppies goes a long way!

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Do you breed your dogs back-to-back?  Why?

We make evidence-based decisions and this includes the decision to breed our female dogs back-to-back (not skipping heat cycles) until they are spayed and retired.  We do this because reproductive veterinarians have found this is healthiest for female dogs.  In fact, the most recent research indicates that female dogs should be bred or spayed due to the unique effects of progesterone on a dog's uterus.

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out Dr. Hutchison's seminar published on Good Dog:

As well as Dr . Schoeffel's findings here:



I had a question not answered here, how do I ask it?

You'll find that we have a contact us page, complete with our social media accounts, phone numbers, email, and a simple form you can fill out with your questions. We'll try to answer everything as fast as we can!

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