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Our Puppies have arrived!

Please join us in welcoming our latest litter!

On April 25th our first Ted x Aurora litter was born. As predicted, we had eight puppies and they're all happy and healthy.

We chose a botanical theme given the gorgeous spring weather we've had, and to honour the bouquet of colours we were gifted.

  • Yarrow is our male merle with a white chest

  • Rose is an apricot female with possible parti and merle patterns (TBD with more time and lighting!)

  • Cypress is a black parti female

  • Lavender is an apricot parti female

  • Iris is our apricot female with merle patterning

  • Violet is a black female with a white chin and paws

  • Hawthorne is an apricot male with abstract

  • Cosmo is a solid black male.

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